The Magic of Burgundy

December 13, 2018

The Magic of Burgundy

The wines of Burgundy are often a mystery to many wine drinkers.  The information offered on the labels as well as the detailed manner in which the wines are classified in this famous region can often add to the confusion.  Volumes of books have been written about the special terroir and how and what makes these wines and the Burgundy region so special. If you haven’t tried them, don’t shy away from the unknown.  Take the plunge.  Give it a try and you will discover wines that are unique and special and simply unlike any other wines in the world.

Burgundy is not for everyone.  But everyone should try it.  A good Burgundy does not scream for your attention.  Instead, the wine communicates in a more understated, nuanced and elegant voice.   This is an example where the loudest voice may not be the best.  This is a symphony versus a rock concert. Red Burgundy is made with the Pinot Noir grape, but these wines share very little in common with their peers in California or Oregon. 

The real magic for me is the way the wine demonstrates freshness and vivacity, like it is alive. A well-made and traditional Red Burgundy will captivate you with its pretty and floral nose.  There can also be deep and dark fruits or bright, fresh and tart fruit along with notes of earth and spice and so much more.  In Burgundy, each area, village, and vineyard has its own character and unique personality. There are Burgundy wines for every budget and occasion. 

Maybe the best part is how Red Burgundy pairs with so many meals.  The wine is great with a burger on the grill as well as more formal dinners such as braised lamb shanks or beef tenderloin.  My favorite pairing is with a whole roasted chicken with pan sauce – that’s my Burgundy magic!

Whether you already like Burgundy or if you’ve never had one, there’s always something new to discover every time you have a glass.  We have a broad range of Burgundy from regional wines to Grand Cru and everything in-between.

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