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"Lia’s Vineyard is located in the Chehalem Mountains AVA in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The soils are mostly Jory, a dark reddish brown silty clay loam, with a transition to marine sedimentary series around the 400' contour. This is fairly typical in the Chehalem Mountains AVA where elevations can range from around 100' to over 1,000' in elevation and soil types can transition within each vineyard.

Lia’s Vineyard is the only vineyard we source fruit from that crosses the Marine/Volcanic transition and we intentionally pull the barrels representing each section of the vineyard to express each distinct and positive characteristics of the two soil types. The Pommard in Volcanic soil provides rich and fruit-driven aromatics along with fantastic texture. The Dijon 115 in Marine soil provides a dark-fruited mid-palate with mineral tones and excellent tannic structure. The Mariafeld in the transitional soil has so much acidity, pigment and tannin that a little goes a long way and it serves as the binding agent for the other two clones. The single vineyard bottling from Lia's Vineyard is a fun, interesting and extremely delicious Pinot Noir that benefits from the breadth of ground it is sourced from." -- Jim Anderson, Owner and Winemaker

Varietal or Region: PINOT NOIR

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