The "Swiss Army Knife" of wines.  The little number does it all.  Tasty by itself, it is the most versatile wine for food we've ever tasted.  Pair this wine with oysters, grilled chicken or a steak on the grill and it shines.  Pair with BBQ and it becomes magical.  Serve this with a slight chill and it is your perfect summer weather red wine.  

This wine has a beautiful and inviting nose, leading to loads of wild strawberries and black raspberry that is juicy on the palate.  Intertwined with the fruit are notes of smoked herbs and underbrush. There is a streak of acidity that runs through this wine that keeps it fresh and vibrant but at the same soft and well-rounded. Down-right tasty. Made with organically farmed grapes from Sicily.

Varietal or Region: OTHER RED

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