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This rare bottling from Pradeaux is 100% Mourvedre. Half of it was aged in a single six-hectoliter oak cask, and the other half in a concrete egg—an eye-grabbing vessel that promotes aeration, stabilizes temperature naturally, and allows the wine inside to flow continuously and smoothly. It was bottled in mid-September of 2017—after nearly a full year of elevage, and over six months later than the regular bottling. “Vesprée” presents a full, swaggering nose of quince paste, white pepper, and coarse-ground Indian spices, and the big, richly textured palate possesses a structural tension that heavily underlines its potential for aging—though it is fresh, tense, and very delicious right now. It is exceedingly difficult to find Rosé of this caliber and character, even from Bandol.

Varietal or Region: ROSE'

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