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The Pradeaux oil is strongly flavored, dense and exuberant. Rich in color, awash in vitamins, it is an oil that can tame the most robust cooking. Use it for a simple sauté of medallions of lobster with garlic and a touch of citrus zest or simply enjoy on its own drizzled over just-toasted bread with a few flakes of sea salt. Freshly picked and sliced heirloom tomatoes with a thin slice of luscious mozzarella or ricotta are even more sublime when dressed with the Pradeaux oil, which will assert its history and strong personality with ease in that setting.

Château Pradeaux produces the most idiosyncratic and compelling wines of the Bandol appellation along with a limited amount of a extra virgin olive oil. The vineyards and the olive trees are cultivated in a natural manner with reliance on organic methods; the olive oil is every bit as remarkable as the wines. It is difficult to comprehend, perhaps, but the olives are the progeny of 500 year-old trees. These ancient trees, gnarled and noble, produce small amounts of highly concentrated and flavorful olives from an ancient Provençale variety known simply as “BRUN”.


Varietal or Region: OLIVE OIL

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